👧Doll Festival👧

March 3 Doll Festival

Today, March 3 is the Doll Festival. This is called "Hinamatsuri" or "Momo-no-Sekku" in Japanese. It's the day on which we pray for young girls' healthy growth and happiness.

Displays at home

Most families with girls will display dolls at home that are believed to ward off evil. We call them Hina-ningyo (Hina dolls). They represent the Japanese imperial court, and the dolls are wearing traditional kimonos.

画像URL: ひな祭りの由来 子供向けの説明やクイズサンプル・絵本おすすめを紹介! | 苺の一枝<Ichigo-Ichie> (strawberry-branch.net)

Special dishes

On this day, we eat chirashi-sushi, cram soup hamaguri, diamond-shaped rice cakes, Sakuramochi, colorful rice crackers called Hina arare and so on. Today, Let's celebrate Hinamatsuri together!

画像URL: なぜ「桃の節句」? ひな祭りの食卓と言えば…… - icolumn (xbiz.jp)

Katsuura big doll festival

Katsuura big dol festival in Tokushima prefecture is taken place every year. It has passed 32 years since it started in 1988.

Surprisingly, you can see 30,000 hina dolls in the event, some of which are on the 8 meters height exbition stand in the center of the room.

On top of that, you can enjoy Katsuuraza play, which has been passed down for 200 years there, songs, and dances.

画像URL : 第35回阿波勝浦ビッグひな祭り|2023|勝浦町 (tabi-mag.jp)

You would be suprised more when you hear that Katsuura town is not only in Tokushim prefecture but also in Chiba prefecture. Since the name has definitely something to do with Chiba one, it also started Big doll festival.

画像URL : 勝浦ひな祭り|必見ポイントを徹底紹介 (hgp.co.jp)

When you come to Japan around Febuary to March, we recomend you go to the festival. YOu can not miss it!!


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