Edo Kiriko

This time, we would like you to know what the "Edo Kiriko" is! You will see exactly what it would be like and be surprised at why they are so beautiful!

What is Edo Kiriko?

"Edo Kiriko" is one of the traditional Japanese glass products. It is said that it was the beginning of this product when a glass-craftspeople tried to carve glasses. Since then, as more glasses were imported, the technics to carve were improving rapidly. Because of that exponential development, from "Taishou" Era to "Showa" Era, the cutting glasses, "Edo Kiriko", became the representative of glass in Edo. And finally, it was designated as a traditional craft by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 1985.

"Edo Kiriko"

How to make?

They are all hand-made by craftspeople. Below is the production method.


They draw some lattice baselines on glasses.

江戸切子 製造工程 割り出しの様子


Glasses get carved roughly with round. "Ara" of "arakezuri" means "rough" in Japanese.


They carve glasses that was "Arazuri "processed, using a fine diamond disk to make it more smooth.

江戸切子 工程 細かい伝統文様をカットする様子

4. "Polishing"


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