Tsukimi Dango

This is the 6th in a Japanese food collection!

This time, we’d like to introduce “Tsukimi Dango”, mochi balls for the moon festival!

This “Tsukimi Dango” and the moon festival represents the Japanese fall.

History of Moon Festival

The moon festival dates back to the Heian-period, around 8th century. The sky in fall was so clear that people were able to see the most beautiful moon in a year, and they started to enjoy looking at the moon as an event.

 Since Edo-period, people have offered “Tsukimi Dango” on 8/15. It is because the harvest of rice coincides with fall and the shape of “Tsukimi Dango” looked really same. By offering, people thank God that represents the moon and a bumper crop.

What is Dango taste like?

“Tsukimi Dango” is really good with subtle sweetness; sugar in Edo-period was pricy and people couldn’t use it a lot. If you come to Japan in fall, please enjoy the “Tsukimi Dango” and feel what the Japanese style would be like!

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