IAESTE's April

Hi there! It has been a month since new term has started?
We saw many a person throughout orientations for newcomers and events.

So today, we are going to share what we did this month and we hope you know more about us!

【1. Ohanami】

We went seeing cherry blossomes at night in the park on the north of the imperial palace on 3/25??

We had a great time seeing picturesque cherry blossomes with a student from Korea! Afterwards, we ended up going to Okinawa restaurant for dinner?Goya chanpuru was a bit bitter for the student?We really chilled out with talking just a lot. We want to go on a picnic next year.?

【1.5 welcome-activities】

Time came when we take place welcome events!

We could not hold them as face-time last year due to the spread of covid-19, but fortunately, we could this year?We moved heaven and earth to welcome a lot of new students; Face-time welcome events, online orientation and distributing brochures.

It was definitely hard to distribue them ... but we're looking forward to what kind of people are interested in us and will join us!

【2. BBQ welcome-party】

We had a BBQ in Toyosu on 4/2?

We got colser with five new students talking about hobbies, university, going abroad and so on?✨Yakisoba was really great that we made together!
We walked from a station to another one with having a chat surrounded by tall buildings?

We hope that newcomers knew how we are; like we booste each other and put our minds together to have events for trainees whereas we have a lot of excitement such as parties ?

【3. Ohanami welcome-party】

As the last event for April, we went on a welcom picknick on 4/16?

Around 20 new students took part in and we were supposed to have an exciting picnic! However, soon after we got the ball rolling, it started to rain and even hailed ⛄We could not keep eating of course so we quickly reserved a rental space and moved there?We are sorry for that and we want to say think you at the same time for newcomers having adapted to the situation flexibly!

We introduced our activities there. Although almost all was thier first time to meet others, they did not make us feel it was; they talked a lot! We ended up going to a family-restaurant?

We were gradually able to increase the number of face-time events this year as the regulation of the covid-19 has been loosend. We hope we will boost up our activities and motivations.

Thank you for everybody having joined our events!! We hope we will see you next time as a member?

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