🎃Japanese Halloween & pumpkin food🎃

Trick or pumpkin??
Today, we're going to introduce food of Halloween & pumpkin in Japan as food collection No.6 !

~?History in Japan~
Though the origin of Halloween is Celtic festival 2000 years ago, it became popular in 1990's in Japan. Moreover, in Japan, where subcultural culture is popular, this event has evolved in its own unique way. Many enjoy cosplaying manga, anime, and other characters and celebrities, as opposed to dressing up to protect oneself from evil spirits.

~?Pumpkin in Japan~
Irish jack-o'-lantern culture (originally turnips) with an American twist (pumpkins which are available in American climate) makes pumpkins popular in this season in Japan as well!

Pumpkins(especially Buttercup squash) were introduced to Japan for the first time in the 16th century by Portuguese. Since then, ordinary people in Edo-era enjoyed it as sweets.
These days, after Halloween event became popular in Japan, uncountable numbers of restaurants, cafes, or stores make foods with pumpkin? pies, cakes, Manju(steamed yeast bun with filling), mashed sweets & so on!

Please try traditional Japanese pumpkin dish boiled in soy sauce, too?

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