IAESTE JAPAN TOUR in the places regarding disaster prevention

Do you know what day 9/1 is for Japanese people? ?

The answer is the Disaster Prevention Day, and the first week of September is Disaster Prevention Week. ? On September 1st, 1923, Great Kanto earthquake has occurred. Since then, Japanese people has reminded 9/1 with such a great disaster every day, and we take an action to prevent damages from earthquakes, such as emergency drills all over Japan.

As you know, in Japan, a lot of earthquakes happened every year. ? So, when you come to Japan, please acquire disaster prevention knowledge in advance! Today, we will introduce some places in Tokyo where you can learn about disaster prevention.

The Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park

You can learn how to evacuate when a major earthquake occurs directly under Japan's capital, through the experience tour. ?

Picture of the tokyo Rinkai Diaster Prevention

Science Museum of an Earthquake

You can experience the shaking of great earthquakes, such as Great East Japan earthquake (2011), and attend a training of first aid and lifesaving. ?

Picture of Science Museum of an Earthquake

The Fire Museum  

There is an exhibit about the history of firefighting. Many old types of fire trucks are displayed. ?

Picture of the Fire Museum

Meteorological Science Museum in Minato Science Museum

It has an exhibit which tell us how tsunamis work. ? You can also learn how to protect yourself from extreme weather.

This is a website of Disaster Prevention Information from Tokyo Metropolitan Government. If you want to know prevention from disaster, click here.

Picture of Meteorological Science Museum in Minato Science Museum

Please enjoy Japan with sufficient disaster prevention knowledge! ⛑


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