Happy Valentine 🍫

IAESTE Happy valentine

Happy Valentine!

Did you have a wonderful time yesterday?? Yesterday, Fabuary 14, was Valentine's day.

Have you ever heard about Japanese valentine that is not the same as other countries? So, we are going to talk about what it would be like if you live in Japan and experience Japanese valentine!

What is Valentine's day

First of all, let's quickly chack what Valentine's day is and what people do in the day?

Valentine's day is the day when lovers express their affection with greetings and gifts. For example, men give flowers to their betterhalf and women give him chocolates. It is really common so anybody would know what they do in the day.

Valentine's Day in Japan

However, Japanese Valentine's day is a little defferent and suprising.? So, what is the defference??

Japanese Valentine's Day

One big defference is that men do nothing!! What do you mean by that? Regularly, men do not give anything to their girl freinds or better half including letters. Ofcorse, then can, but few people do it so litterally, they do nothing? Then, you might think that when do men express their affection?? No worries. We have White Day on 3/14 instead? On the day, they give their lovers chocolates and tell them appriciation.

Hopefully, that custom is changing. And a new type of Valentine's day has been perminating society.

Japanese Valentine's Day and White Day

New Valentine's Day

New Valentine's Day

A new type of Valentine's day has been spreading in Japan.

Despite the original purpose of the day, cureently it becomes common for girls to exchange chocolates as a form of obligatory gift-giving. Besides, as a changing, although still less common, some men have started to make and present chocolates as well on the day!!


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