Japanese February Event "Setsubun"

let's get 鬼(Oni) out!

Setsubun is a Japanese seasonal event!
It’s usually on February 3rd.
The season changes from winter to spring based on an old Japanese schedule, and it is said that demons come to attack humans on Setsubun day.
Demons, in Japanese “oni?”, don't like beans, so we throw beans at them saying “oni wa soto, huku wa uchi” which means “demons out, fortune inside”.

We eat a certain number of beans, your age plus one, and grow strength inside of us.

We also eat eho-maki, which is a long sushi roll, facing the direction of the year. It is south-southeast?

in 2023. Don’t forget to celebrate Setsubun!

specil rolled sushi, "Eho-maki" !


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